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USA Financial Consultants is an independent diversified Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage firm that aims to understand, anticipate and meet its clients’ financial needs with a multitude of high-quality services.

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FHA 100% Financing/Platinum Jumbo/95%LTV to $1.5M FULL DOC / 90% to $2.5M ALTDOC (Bank Statements)/NO DOLLAR LIMIT on CASHOUT!/Up to 80%LTV on IP CASHOUT (Including 2-4 Units!!)

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We have had the pleasure of helping over 4500 local homeowners. Below see some property samples sold. Contact us today!


2051 Wales Dr, Cardiff, CA

Sold for $1.45 million

1029 guatay

1029 Guatay Ave Chula Vista, CA

Sold for $410k


8875 Robles Way, San Diego, CA

Sold for $580k


2911 Ocean View Blvd, San Diego, CA

Sold for $345k


1537 Sweetwater Lane, Chula Vista, CA

Sold for $250k


2550 Grand View St, San Diego, CA

Sold for $960k

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Reverse Mortgage

This special type of home loan lets homeowners convert a portion of his or her home equity into cash providing for a secure financial future.  Without selling the home, giving up title, or taking on a new monthly payment senior homeowners have the benefit of maintaining a lifestyle they have earned.  The money from the reverse mortgage provides seniors with the financial security they need to fully enjoy their retirement years.

What Clients Are Saying

“It was expected that this would be a long process, especially since we kept going back and forth between properties; however James kept us centered and helped us with a decision. Overall, I was very satisfied with his work process and would recommend him to others. He would call me to keep me updated on how everything was going and did well in getting back to me when I called. The only downfall was the expectation of closing wasn’t as quick as possible, but it was partly due to the Thanksgiving holidays. We seemed to have overestimated the payment at the end and it turned out to be less than what we thought, which was amazing! It made us very happy at the end.
“James Darby is an honest man who helps people. He helped me in the form of purchasing a house. Had some credit problems, but they all got resolved. James is very professional with his work. If I had an opportunity to buy another house I would go to him – very adequate in his work. If anyone needs help buying a home I would recommend him. He is an excellent person!”
I would recommend USA Financial Consultants without hesitation. They saved my condo from foreclosure and got my loan modification done. James Darby and his staff are professional, dedicated and persistent when it comes to working for the client. What I liked the most is that everyone in the office logs their work/notes in a computer, so when the client calls to ask a question, anyone in the office can look in the computer and read the notes. The notes always included information such as who called, on what date, at what time, with whom they spoke, and what was communicated. The reason I put one dollar for the approximate cost of service is because I didn’t pay for the service and I am unaware of the amount paid. It would be best for one to inquire with them directly for pricing. I really appreciate someone who will fight for me. thank you!

Meet the Team


James Darby

Real Estate Broker/CEO

Benjamin Vizquerra

Realtor / Buyer And Seller Agent
ana 5

Ana Maria Canepa

Realtor / Buyer And Seller Agent

Irene Cortez


Dustin Johnston

Commercial Real Estate Manager

Ofier Zigner

Realtor / Buyer And Seller Agent

Giannina Bonifaz

Realtor / Buyer And Seller Agent

Angela Lombrozo

Realtor / Buyer And Seller Agent

Alex Lombrozo

Loan officer and Realtor

Elham Tajbakhsh

Realtor / Buyer And Seller Agent

Charles Peterson

Loan officer and Realtor

Elena Tarasova

Relator / Sr Loan Officer.